While the Datarosa web app allows you to search for email addresses and contact numbers from just the names, what if you want to search directly from LinkedIn, by using their premium filters?

In this case, we recommend using Datarosa’s Chrome extension, if you’re using the Chrome browser.

The Chrome extension allows you to plug-in the software and let it do the rest of the work for you. It works just as well with:

  • LinkedIn Recruiter
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Regular LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Sales Navigator Leads list

In this article, we’ll show you how to use the Datarosa Chrome extension with regular LinkedIn, but the functionality remains similar for other LinkedIn products too. With the Datarosa Chrome extension, you can find mass emails, a user’s phone number, and check if a Linkedin profile already exists in your CRM

Step 1 : Install the Datarosa extension from Chrome web store.

Click here to install the extension

Step 2: After installation, go to LinkedIn and open a person’s profile or a search page.

Once you have your search results, open the extension by clicking on the Datarosa logo on the top right of your browser window. It displays the results in the Datarosa window.

Step 3 : Click on ’Search all’ and then the email and phone icons on the right of each profile to get the contact details available (emails and phone numbers) of all profiles visible on that page.


For the email addresses that are not available in the tool’s database, it gives you the option to ‘Try with Cerebro’ database.

Normally, a LinkedIn search page shows only 10 results in one while the Sales Navigator shows you 25.

All email addresses that Datarosa’s extension extracts for you are cent percent verified by professionals. Therefore, there is no need to pay for another email verification tool or a vendor.

Next to each email address, there are green, orange or gray dots (screenshot below shows green dot only).


The dots represent the bounce rates on the given email IDs. A green dot means that the email address has a bounce rate of less than 3%. Orange dot means the bounce rate is between 3% to 7% and gray dot implies that the bounce rate can be as high as 10% to 25%.

After getting the search results, you also have an option to add all LinkedIn contacts in a Datarosa list. It allows you to add all contact or only those whose contact information was found by the extension.

Adding all contacts to a list means that even if you don’t find their contact information in the first go, you can always come back to them later and try again since the databases used by Datarosa are updated every 8 hours.

Adding to that, even if you can’t find an email address using the Chrome extension, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no contact information available. Since the technology used by the tool finds email addresses and phone numbers independent of each other, there is always a chance of getting either of the two, even if not both.

Step 4 : Act massively : Use the Get ALL button and the bulk uploader

If you are using the LinkedIn Sales Navigator platform, you can also mention the number of contacts you want and then click on ‘Get All Prospects’ to receive up to 1500 contacts in one go.

The CRM bot then extracts and retrieves all contacts without even visiting the LinkedIn profiles and shares the consolidated CSV of the contact information acquired on your email address and in the files page accessible with the left menu of the web app.

This CSV file can then be uploaded on the Datarosa website using bulk tools to enhance it with more contact information like emails, direct telephone lines and other coordinates.

The results shared by Datarosa have been analysed and confirmed by multiple third-party reviewers and their findings claim that the deliverability of emails through this extension is highest among all email finder tools in the market.

If you are struggling with keeping a track of your leads and extracting verified contact information among hoards of hoax platforms in the market, give Datarosa a try and let us know how you found it!