If you are a professional or a business owner, meet other professionals every day. But you don’t always have their phone numbers to reconnect with them. Or you might want to get in touch with people for your phone outreach campaigns.

What if you found interesting people on Linkedin and you wanted to contact them? Or maybe you tried emailing someone but they are too busy to reply and prefer to receive calls instead.

What if you could get anyone’s professional phone numbers in an easy way and never have to worry about reaching out to anyone, anywhere. Datarosa can help you with that.

Depending on what you want to do, there are several ways to find anyone’s phone number using Datarosa. Let’s have a look.

Search Engine – Our SOCIAL database

If you want to find a phone number of anyone using their name and/or other information like their country, company and role, you can use our search engine.

The database is updated every eight hours, and the data are similar to those you would obtain with LinkedIn Premium.

Step 1: Enter the details of your contact. The more detail you have, the better our algorithm will be able to find the right person. You can use the “Advanced Search” feature to include (or exclude) keywords from the search.

Step 2: Hit the “Search” button and you will see the search results populated on the same page.

Step 3: If you see the contact in this result, simply click on “Get Phone” button next to them and you will have their phone number within seconds.

The direct dials come from 4 different sources : 

  • We found it on a social network 
  • We found it on a Curriculum Vitae
  • We found it on an alumni book
  • We found it on a press release 

If you want to find the phone numbers of multiple people, just select multiple checkboxes and click on “Get phone for selected” button.

CEREBRO Database – The Most Powerful Contact Search Engine

If our search engine can’t find a phone number, it will ask you to try our most powerful database – Cerebro, which can find phone numbers with just the names.

Cerebro is the most powerful search engine for finding contact information of anyone thanks to its Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities.

Cerebro matches publicly available phone numbers to the social profiles and links the name on the profile to that phone number. Then this number can be found in our social database, which is used in our main search engine or in the Chrome Extension.

That’s how Cerebro database can find you the phone numbers from just the names with a hit rate of 70%. That’s way higher than any other service or tool in the market.

With Cerebro, there’s one caveat though. When you search with Cerebro, you will get phone numbers of all the people with the same name. For that reason, we suggest you search with Cerebro only when you couldn’t find the phone number with our regular search engine.

Bulk Tools – Find phone numbers of multiple contacts in your list

If you have got a list with names or companies of people whose phone numbers you want to find, you can and should the Bulk Tools feature.

Step 1: Log in to your Datarosa account and go to Bulk Tools and Click on Phone section.

Step 2: Choose one of the three options for input data based on what data is there in your list. Do you have the Social Media URLs of the contacts, or their email addresses, or their names and company?

Step 3: Enter the data by either uploading the list or just copy-pasting them in the fields below.

Once you upload the file, you will be asked to confirm the mapping of the fields in your li

Once that step is done, click Submit on the next page and you will receive the file in your inbox.

You can also choose the list where you want the data to be added or if you prefer, you can export the data immediately.

SIGNATURE Database – Find only professional contact numbers

If you are looking for only professional direct lines or contact numbers, you can use our Signature database. Signature database scraps the professional email signatures used by contacts and retrieves their information that is always 100% professional and accurate.

Simply add the domain name of the contact’s company, and hit Submit to get the results.

By default, we provide you with the latest signature versions from last year to avoid outdated data but you can choose previous years too.

In the results table, you will see that telephone numbers are hidden by * . This lets you preview the results for your request before your credits are deducted. You are not charged for preview requests.

Uncheck the preview box to see the results with signatures! Remember that a credit will be deducted for each line. If you don’t have enough credits, you cannot see the results.

With the free account, you currently have 3 credits, so you will not be able to perform searches with more than 3 results.

If you want more demo take a demo with us by clicking here ! 

You can also filter the search results by specific words. For example, let’s say you want to obtain a list of people in charge of hiring from a list of companies; with this field, you can indicate:

Human Resources OR Recruitment OR HR OR Talent. This helps in narrowing your search when you have more information available.

This allows you to target only a specific position at a company.

Like in this picture, press Enter after each position to confirm the search.

For the more tech-savvy, be aware that this search is an extended search.

Type Recruit and head of recruit, recruitment, head of recruitment, and every job position that contains the word recruit will also be included.

You can also type in the name of the person you’re trying to get in touch with. This will give you better results.

Some last tips!

Be careful, it’s important to keep in mind that the domain used for a company’s website (email domain) is often different than the domain name employees use to send emails (email-domain).

Instead of using Facebook.com, you need to use fb.com, instead of using goldmansachs.com, gs.com, instead of IBM.com, fr.ibm.com, etc.

SIGNATURE is a powerful way to find professional-only phone numbers. The only limitation is that it will find you lesser results than other databases, but the data is 100% accurate.


Datarosa Chrome Extension – Find phone numbers from Linkedin profile or search results

Get phone numbers of Linkedin profiles or from search results using Datarosa’s Chrome extension.

If you’re visiting a profile on Linkedin or Linkedin Sales Navigator or Recruiter, you can click on our extension and get their phone number without visiting our website. This is the fastest way to get a phone number of a social profile.

If you are on a Linkedin search result page, click on the extension icon to see all the search results in Datarosa’s extension window that pops up on the top right. Click on the phone icon (as shown below) to get their phone numbers.

In this article, you learned 5 ways to find anyone’s phone number using Datarosa which has 3 separate powerful databases to search and find phone numbers. Give them a try and boost your outreach game.