How to Find Someone’s Email Address (3 Easy Ways in this Step-by-Step Guide)


Datarosa was built with speed and accuracy in mind so that you spend less time searching for email addresses, and focus more on building relationships and improving your conversions. That’s why we completely merged the email finding and verification steps together so that you get more accuracy. 

Check out this blog post to learn why Datarosa is different from other tools and what makes it so accurate. With 97% accurate emails searches, Datarosa speeds up your workflow of finding someone’s email address by a significant amount.

How to find someone’s email address using our social search engine

Using the email search engine, you can find someone’s email addresses using a combination of their name, role, company or country.

Step 1: Once you’ve signed in to your account, enter the information of your contact in the required fields.

Use the “Advanced Search” feature to include (or exclude) keywords from the search. If you have the social media profiles, you can add the URL of their Facebook or Linkedin profiles to get the most accurate search results.

Useful Tip: If you want to find people in a company, just skip the name field and fill in rest of the information. This way, you’ll get contact info of anybody in that company.

Step 2: Hit the “Search” button. 

Within a few seconds, you will see the search results populated on the same page, under the search area.

By this point, you should already know whether you want to get the email addresses of multiple results or a single email address.

Step 3: If you’re looking for an individual email address, click on the “Get Email” button.

However, if you’re looking for multiple email addresses, select the ones you’re interested in, and click on the “Get email for selected” button.

Step 4: You should now get the email address of your contact. If you want to copy-paste any of the email addresses, just click on the email and it will be copied automatically.

Next to each email address, you will see “Email Status” which lets you know if the email address whether the email address is valid or predicted. 

How to find someone’s email address using Bulk Tools

If you have got a list with names or companies of people whose email addresses you want to find, rather than using the search functionality where you can find emails one by one only, you should the Bulk Tools feature.

To access that feature, head over to Bulk Tools from the left sidebar, and then click Email. 

Next, upload the list of people in the tool in any of these formats – .csv, .tsv, .xls and .xlsx. 

Next, match the fields present in the file to the fields shown by the app. 

Once you do that, hit “Review”. You will be asked to choose the existing list or create a new list to add the data.

Hit “Submit” and you will get the results on the same page. The data is automatically added to the list you choose. But you can also download or export the data in .csv or .xlsx formats. Just scroll down to the bottom of the results to find the “Export Data” button.

If you want to find email addresses of anyone from your Linkedin search results, you can do that even faster with our Chrome extension. Let’s have a look.

How to find someone’s email address using Datarosa’s Chrome extension

And the last way of finding someone’s email address is to download Datarosa’s Chrome extension. It allows you to get email addresses from Linkedin’s social websites including Linkedin Recruiter, and Linkedin Sales Navigator.

First way: The “single” method

When you are on Linkedin profile, simply click on our Chrome extension to get their email address. 


2nd way: The “Search All” method

If you want to find multiple emails from a search page, it couldn’t be any easier than using the Datarosa’s Chrome extension. Once you open the Chrome extension, hit the “Search All” button that lets you find all the emails on the page at once.


You can choose to add the contacts in a list that you’ve already created on Datarosa or you can create a new list where all the contacts will be added automatically.

You can also between whether to add all profiles to your list or only the ones for which there’s an email found. We recommend adding all the profiles so that you can use other Datarosa databases to get their email addresses.

3rd way: The “Get All” method

You can also click on the “Get all prospects” button (as shown above) to download up to 1500 contacts at once. 

When the extension has download all the contacts, you will get an email with the file containing all the contacts.

You can also go to the web app and click on Lists on the left bar menu to see the list.

Then, you just have to upload this file with the bulk tools, to find the emails addresses associated to the contacts

 Read this article to know how to use the Datarosa Chrome extension step-by-step (video included !)


If you’re a professional, you know the struggle to find someone’s email address and it can be very frustrating. With our technology, you no longer have to worry about reaching anybody out there.

Most email finder tools have low accuracy which leads to even more frustrations. Use Datarosa to speed up your email outreach process and let us know how it’s working for you.