Salesforce is one of the most popular CRMs used by sales teams in a wide range of different companies and businesses. Thanks to its flexibility and customization options, Salesforce can integrate with a wide variety of tools to scale and automate your sales efforts.

Datarosa is an essential tool for sales prospecting and helps you to find an email address and phone number of any professional with the best deliverability rates in the industry.

We created a Chrome extension to make it easier to find contact information from LinkedIn so that you can get emails in bulk from LinkedIn search. However, there was one challenge our users were still facing.

After extracting the contact information from LinkedIn, while they got verified data, they still had to manually upload the data file (.csv or .tsv) with contact information into Salesforce account.

Now, you can integrate Datarosa to your Salesforce account which lets you find contact information of anyone on Linkedin or through your list and create a contact in your Salesforce account with one click.

Read more about other Datarosa integrations with Pipedrive and Lemlist.

Datarosa’s integration with Salesforce comes with several benefits for users of both platforms. The integration, which was requested by a lot of our users helps you:

  • Save hours by automatically uploading the files to Salesforce
  • Save money because all the contacts are verified so you won’t have to use another tool
  • Directly push the contact list to Salesforce and start building your pipeline and reaching out to them, all within minutes.

This integration speeds your workflow and enhances the efficiency with which you can build a pipeline of solid deals to work on.

How to integrate Salesforce with Datarosa?

You can integrate Salesforce with Datarosa in 5 easy steps:

Step 1:

Login to your Datarosa account and go to the Settings page.


datarosa setting page


Click on the Integrations tab above once you are on the Settings page. The page will display your existing integrations with any external tools/software with an option to Update or Delete them from your Datarosa account.

Datarosa list integration

Step 2:

To add a new integration to your Datarosa account, click on the ‘Connect’ button. You’ll see a dropdown with the name of tools that Datarosa presently has the capability to integrate with.

Currently, we have integrations with Lemlist, Woodpecker, Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive and Freshsales, which is to say that it allows you to work with almost every major email sending and CRM tool in the market.

Now, click on ‘Salesforce New’ to connect your Salesforce account to Datarosa. Next, click on the blue ‘Salesforce new connect’ button.


Connect salesforce to datarosa button

When you click this button, it will direct you to the Salesforce login screen. Simply add your login details and you’re done.

Salesforce Login page

Once integrated, you will be able to view all the integrations in your Settings > Integrations.

Salesforce configurations

How to push data from Datarosa to Salesforce?

Datarosa works seamlessly with Salesforce. Once connected, you will see the salesforce logo next to your contact in the list.

Datarosa Contact List

To push a contact into Salesforce, select the contacts, hit ‘More’ dropdown on the top right and click on ‘Push Selected to Salesforce’ button as shown below.

Push in bulk your datarosa contact to salesforce

You can push any Datarosa contacts to the Salesforce in two ways – as a contact or as a lead.

Choose your sync preference

Next, head over to your Salesforce account and you will find the lead or contact added in your account.

Here, you can see the lead we added to our Salesforce account. If Datarosa finds multiple phone numbers for one contact, they can all be saved in the Salesforce in the Description field (as shown below).

Datarosa can add many phone numbers to a salesforce contact

This allows you to keep all the information saved in your contact and you can replace the main contact number later on.

And that’s all you need to do to integrate Datarosa with Salesforce. If you’re using Salesforce, we highly encourage you to integrate Datarosa with your account. This will boost up your outreach or lead generation workflow significantly and you’ll be able to quickly start working on your pipeline.

Login to your Datarosa account and integrate Saleforce account right now!