What makes Datarosa the best email finder tool


In a recent study, FTLOG tested 8 email finder tools and compared their deliverability rate.

They used these tools to find email addresses and sent them an email to check their validity.

Based on this study, Datarosa performed the best with 97% accurate emails.
While most of the tools had an accuracy between 50% to 75%, our accuracy was much higher than any other tool.

That’s not by luck.

In this article, we are going to show you why Datarosa is the best email finder tool.

Here are the four ways Datarosa beats your favourite email finder tool:

  1. Unlimited email credits
  2. Better Algorithm: Using email domains rather than company domains
  3. Fully verified emails
  4. Proprietary Database for Catch all Detection (when every other tool gives up)

Let’s dive into it.

1. Unlimited Email Credits

Most of the email finder tools have a limit of 1000 emails that you can find per month in their basic plan.

With Datarosa, there is no limit to the number of emails you wanna find in a day or month.


Tool Email limit
Hunter.io 1000
FindThatLead 5000
Anymailfinder 1000
Snov.io 1000
VoilaNorbert 1000
Skrapp 1000
Datarosa Unlimited

While most tools have a low monthly limit, they also charge you for all the wrong emails that they find.

True, they claim that they don’t charge you for emails that they can’t find.

And that’s the reason why they prefer to give you as many email addresses as they could find without verifying them.
With 25% – 50% wrong email addresses, the actual emails you can find and use from these tools are much less i.e. between 750 and 500.

If you are someone who sends more than 500 emails per month, you’ll be disappointed.
The more credits you use, the more likely you’d want to upgrade to a higher pricing package.

Most of the time, you have no way of knowing whether an email is correct or not before you hit send.
Other times, you can easily find out the wrong email addresses.

Let’s look at an example of email addresses we found with Voila Norbert,

It is clearly a wrong email address and most email sender tools like gmail, mailchimp, lemlist, etc. do not accept this email address.

On adding the email address in gmail, it shows an error with the email address.

At Datarosa, we provide you only the accurate and verified emails so that you don’t waste your time and money sending cold emails to inboxes that never existed.


There are no upsells. And you can search and send unlimited cold emails.

2. Better Algorithm: Searching for email domains

One of the biggest challenges in finding professional email addresses is when the email domain is different from the website domain.


Let me explain…

There are 2 types of domain names:

  1. Website domain
  2. Email domain

Website domain: It’s the domain name used to host the website of the company. This is where the visitors find information about the company.

Email domain: It’s the domain name used to host email servers.

This domain name is used by employees to send/receive emails.

Here are a few examples:

  • For Facebook, the website root domain is facebook.com and their email domain is fb.com
  • For Goldman Sachs, the web domain is goldmansachs.com and their email domain is gs.com

Some large companies also use different email domains for different business units or geographies.

Rather than giving you an example for this, let’s show you how Datarosa is different.

I’m going to use Datarosa to find the email address of an employee of a large company with multiple locations like IBM.

I chose IBM because I know that IBM uses different email domains for their businesses in Europe.


But let’s assume you don’t know that and you want to find the email of Nadina Rauf who works in IBM.
So I entered the name and the company in the Datarosa email finder tool.

And here’s the result I got.

For privacy reasons,

I hid the username but did you notice the email domain name is it.ibm.com.

I didn’t specify any country but it seems that this person is from Italy.
For better results, you should add the country name as well.
Now, let’s see what FindThatLead comes up with.
I add the full name, and when I enter the company name, the tool suggests a few domain names but there was no ibm.com to choose from.
So I let the company name as is…
img 4

Here’s the result I found:

The email domain found by FindThatLead is actually the website domain of IBM.
Here’s another example from VoilaNorbert. It asked me to select from the 5 domains.


At least, it showed me the website domain for IBM (Alas! I know it’s the wrong one.)

It doesn’t show me any other domain for IBM so I have no choice but to go with ibm.com (Can you blame me?)


And it gave me this result which is also ibm.com – the main website domain of IBM.

That’s why it is important to search for email domains and not the website domains, which most of our competitors do.

And if you are trying to cold email people from large companies, good luck with that.
Unless you’re using Datarosa to find emails.

In this case, not only will you find more accurate emails, but also all the emails are verified… which brings me to the third point.


3. Fully Verified Emails


Once the domain name is found, all of our emails go through a two-step verification system to guarantee you an extremely low bounce rate.


First, we check if there is an MX Record.
That means is if the domain name exists and it is able to receive an email.

And if the domain name DOES exist, we do an SMTP verification to check if there is an email that belongs to this domain.

What is an SMTP verification?

It’s like sending an invisible email to the target, and checking if this email was received at the destination or if we got a negative response like mailer daemon.

After this verification, we get three types of responses: Valid, Invalid, and Catchall


  • Valid means that the email is a valid one
  • Not valid means that the email is not valid (I know!)
  • Catchall means that the domain is unverifiable

What’s a catchall domain?

Catchall domains do not let any emails sent to their domain bounce. They send all those emails to an assigned email address.


For example, if you want to send an email to jennifer@examplecatchalldomain.com but instead you misspell it and send it to jenifer@examplecatchalldomain.com, the email won’t bounce.

You will not receive any mailer-daemon email and you will not know that your email wasn’t received by the right person.

A real example is the domain family.co which is a catchall domain. When a tool like ours sends an email to this domain address, it won’t come back to us if the email address is wrong. We will not know whether it’s a valid email address or not.

Such email addresses are not validated and most of the time, other tools will still give you this email address – labeling it either risky, unverified or catchall.

And charge you for it.
Except Datarosa… we take it another step forward.

4. Proprietary Database for Catchall Detection (where every other tool gives up)


At last, when all the other tools give up with catchall domains, Datarosa detects these domains and verifies emails in a unique way.

We have built a proprietary database of over 1.3 Billion emails gathered from publicly available sources like social networks, CV libraries, classified ads, etc. We add hundreds of emails to this database everyday.

When our tool detects a catchall domain, it then checks within the database if the email address exists.
If it does, then the email address is valid and if it doesn’t we don’t show this email address as it’s not verified by any of the sources.


For example, the email oussama@thefamily.co is a catchall email. Our algorithm then checks within our database and finds that this email address has been used on sites like Canva.comHouzz.com and Zomato.com.


Thus the email exists and is valid.

Thanks to this method, we can check the validity of emails, even if they are catchall.


What sets Datarosa apart are:

  • The algorithm to find email addresses with most accuracy
  • Unlimited email searches so that you never have to worry about finishing your credits


Sign up with Datarosa today to save time and money in finding emails and get your emails delivered every time.